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17 juillet 2013

Junior Consultant for Software Developement


Brief Description of the assignment: Software Developer for Additionality and Development Outcome Assessments Database and Management Platform

Department making the request: EDRE.1

Place of assignment: Tunis

Period of assignment: August 2013 to February 2014

Expected start date of the assignment: 22 August 2013

Last date for expressing interest: 15 August 2013

Expression of interest to be submitted to:

Any questions/ clarifications needed to be addressed to:
Terms of reference for “Software Developer for Additionality and Development Outcome Assessments Database and Management Platform”

1. Introduction / background

The Complex of the Chief Economist of the African Development Bank performs research and knowledge generation activities including an independent assessment of the expected Development Outcomes as well as DFIs’ Additionality in all private sector operations and regional projects, particularly those involving regional infrastructure. The additionality and development outcomes assessments (ADOA) aim to highlight the costs and benefits of PSOs for all stakeholders, e.g. households, governments and the private sector, as well as the value added of DFIs’ presence. The assessments are made by the ‘ADOA team’ sitting in the Development Research Department.

The ADOA team is also involved in research and knowledge generation for the benefit of the Bank and regional member countries. In its assessment function, the ADOA team has developed a database and analytic tools called ADOA Management Platform (AMP) that is a part of an online platform (e-Space) to:

- Manage its workflow,
- Maintain a database of key development indicators and other information related to projects, and
- Conduct analytics (e.g. benchmarking) on projects in its portfolio

The ADOA Framework is currently being revised. The workflow and database shall be updated to reflect these revisions. The Bank is planning to recruit a junior consultant in software development to support the update of e-Space to incorporate changes from the
ADOA Framework Update, implement user demands for platform functionalities and undertake maintenance of the database.

2. Objective and activities of the Assignment

Under the overall guidance of the Manager – Development Research Division (EDRE.1) and under the immediate supervision of the Task Manager the consultant will be required to perform the following tasks:

a) Update e-Space to take into consideration revisions of the ADOA Framework;
b) Undertake maintenance of the database and AMP;
c) Implementation of user requested features and improvements in the reporting system;
d) Develop an online user manual

3. Management/supervision of the consultancy

The Consultant will work independently, under the overall guidance of the Manager – Development Research Division (EDRE.1) and the immediate supervision of the Task Manager for this undertaking.

4. Duration of the Assignment

The consultant will work on a fulltime basis for a period of six months, from 22 August 2013 to 21 February 2014.

5. Required Qualifications and Experience

a) Experience with modern web technologies (e.g. server/client open source PHP/AJAX)
b) At least 2 years of experience in software development
c) Proven track record on planning and delivering projects on time and working with non-technical users
d) English or French required; knowledge of the other is an advantage.
e) Knowledge of economics and finance is an advantage.
f) Candidates need to be of age 32 or younger.

6. Remuneration for the Assignment

The Consultant will be hired for a period of six (6) months and paid a lump sum per month following the schedule and conditions to be negotiated with the recruiting unit (EDRE.1). The consultancy will take place in Tunis (Tunisia) and requires regular full time presence in the Bank’s offices. The consultant will be granted 2 days of leave per month, or 12 days cumulative for the duration of the assignment.


Offre d'emploi superbe !

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Titulaire d'une maitrise en science de gestion des entreprises et des organisations. Formation acquise à l'université de Ouagadougou au Burkina Faso.pour de plus imbles informations vous pourrez me contacter au 54 00 65 11ou au 42. 60 10.Merci.

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